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About us

Investment of the most modern technologies and production lines of glass processing enabled our company to accomplish results gaining in the leading place in this sphere not only within Armenia but also abroad.


Glass Bending

 Bending is a method of glass shaping based on sheet glass capability to be warmed up to a plastic condition and to be deformated under the influence of its own weight. During the bending process, glass sheet blank is warmed up to a softening temperature and acquires a bearing shape configuration. Furthermore, the formatted detail undergoes a sharp cooling in an air current in the result of which the glass is tempered.


  Cycling operation of bending lines with a computer-controlling system enables to reprocess great volumes of the glass and make a high quality bended glass. Plan productivity enables to have up to 200sq.m glass during end-of-shift-productivity. The equipment of our company provides tempered glass bending of following sizes:


Glass thickness 3 - 12mm
Glass overall sizes min.  100х500mm
  max. 1700х2400m
Bending radius min.   800mm
  max.  20000mm

Not only can the ordinary float glass undergo bending but also glasses with various coatings.


It is possible to manufacture bending products with loops and cuttings under the hardware and adjusting details.